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RADAR Construction Management System

If your company is considering implementing a project management system or moving away from the system you're currently using - take heed.  

There may be obstacles in place that will hinder the selection of any project management system and result in the entire endeavor being thrown aside and staying with inefficient and often antiquated methods you're trying to escape.

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a project manager at large specialty construction contractor.  Our discussion was about how technology could help him and others at his company be more efficient and streamline workflows they continue to struggle with.  

RADAR Technology Roadmap

Specialty Trade Contractors have seen many changes in the way buildings are built and how business is done over the past decade.  As both an observer and creator of technology for construction, I recommend to clients that they create and follow a technology roadmap for implementing new technology into their business. Here are five reasons why:

RADAR is a construction management application developed for specialty trade contractors that provides intuitive, collaborative tools for managing multiple projects from any location with an internet connection.
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Scalable for Single or Multiple Locations
  • Superior Support and Training
  • Sensible, Affordable Pricing

RADAR-FI  Online RFI ManagementRADAR-FI provides the ability to create, send and track RFIs for the entire project duration.

·         Create and send unlimited RFIs per project

·         RFIs are logged and organized automatically

·         Receive responses and updates in RADAR and by email

·         Link RFIs to Equipment and CSI codes

·         Access from smartphones, tablets, laptops or PC

·         Unlimited document attachments and storage

·         Unlimited Address Book companies and contacts

·         Free for 5 company users and 5 projects

The resources and functions of the RADAR-FI plan are typically enough to create and send RFIs to project team members as well as receive responses to RFIs and distribute responses as required.  This plan is a great choice for companies wanting an easy to use tool for managing project related RFIs.  It’s also a great way try the RADAR system and be kept up to date on added features and functionality.  The RADAR-FI plan is not a free trial - you can continue to use RADAR under the plan for 5 projects. We think you'll like RADAR so much that you'll be want to use other modules as we bring them online.

The RADAR-FI plan has certain limitations compared to the full RADAR system, including but not limited to:

·        RFI module in RADAR Construction Division of each project.

·        No access to RADAR modules to further track RFI progression., such as Change Order, Submittals, Purchasing, etc.  For example, if the response to an RFI impacts cost of the project, you can’t generate a proposed change order (PCO) from the RFI.  Compare RADAR vs. RADAR-FI

·         RAD-RFI plan training is available via email and online tutorial.  Online training is available, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.