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  • What makes RADAR different from other project management systems?

    RADAR is built from the ground up for building trade contractors who furnish and install the materials and equipment on commercial, industrial, multi-family and other types of construction projects. This includes mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, steel, concrete drywall, painting, building controls, landscaping contractors...we could go on but you get the picture. We strive to build RADAR from the building  trade contractor point of view.  We're not trying to make software that works for everyone but if you're a specialty trade contractor we think you'll like what you see with RADAR.  

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  • How many projects can we have in RADAR?

    A RADAR subscription allows your company to manage unlimited projects.  If you subscribe to our free version of RADAR-FI you're limited to five projects and five users. Schedule a Demo to learn more about RADAR.  

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  • Can we use RADAR for multiple offices at our company?

    RADAR architecture provides secure system access single office or for companies that have multiple branches or locations.  This provides for extensive enterprise reporting while still maintaining full security for each individual system.

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  • How much does RADAR cost?

    RADAR is a subscription service.  We offer generous group pricing that allows your company to have everyone you need using the system without having to worry about individual user pricing.  Payment can be made by full payment once a year or quarterly or monthly payment. Schedule a demo and learn more about RADAR for your company.

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  • How secure is our data on RADAR?

    RADAR products and services are only as valuable as our ability to protect safeguard our client's information.

    • 99.99% uptime
    • 100% back up of data to online replicas with additional snapshots and backups.
    • Our 24x7x365 technical operations team monitors platform and application security
    • Notification:  If there are issues impacting our clients, we notify our client on our System Status site.


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  • How are documents added to RADAR?

    It's very easy to add drawings, documents, photos and other files to RADAR.  Documents can be uploaded to projects individually or multiple files can be added at once.  Documents can be added to modules or to the Document Library. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to uploaded documents to RADAR.

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