RADAR Construction Management System

Reign-in time spent on phone calls, emails, spreadsheets and searching for project information through network drives and disconnected applications.  RADAR's fully hosted web application helps contractors work effectively.

From the office to the jobsite, RADAR handles the communication that matters most to get the job done. As construction evolves and project become more complex, trade contractors struggle keeping track of deadlines, equipment deliveries, coordination, contract changes and more for multiple projects each year. The more a company grows, the harder it becomes. RADAR makes project tracking easy for contractors.

  • RADAR is fully hosted and secure.

  • RADAR is easy to use - it  lets you click less and do more

  • We're satisfied when we know your job just got easier.

RADAR resides in the cloud but rooted in the real world of construction. Tracking and documenting project information, RADAR provides the tools to standardize and centralize project information such as RFIs, submittals, contract and change order management and more.  With easy to use tools for managing unlimited projects from any location and built with multi-tier architecture and role based permissions, RADAR can be used in a single office or scale to meet the needs of a multiple branch, large contractor.


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